Drones are quickly becoming an integral part of every surveyor’s toolkit. Survey teams see huge time savings and decreased costs thanks to UAV technology. In some cases, sites can be surveyed 20x faster than they would through traditional ground methods. Not only do drones increase efficiency, but for many surveyors drones can be a safer choice too.

How can drones help surveyors?

Create topographic maps: Use drone data to save time and lower costs while creating accurate topographic maps.

Produce survey-grade maps: When paired with powerful drone mapping software, and ground control points, drones can produce survey-grade maps and accurate 3D models in hours, as opposed to days.

Improve safety: Reduce the amount of time crews spend walking sites or navigating dangerous areas.

Lower costs: Lower costs for yourself and your clients by performing surveys in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ground methods.

Integrate with industry software for additional analysis: Drone maps and models can be easily imported into most industry software. As a surveyor, you can provide your clients with additional information that they may not otherwise have, like 3D models that can be used for inspection and compliance.


Example 3D model that can be created.