Inspections and Insurance

Drone Craft can help your business by using drones to reduce risks for workers and improve business productivity. The use of drones can eliminate risks such as working at height and in remote, hazardous or toxic environments.

Here at Drone Craft we use drone technology to inspect tall or inaccessible assets and infrastructure. Using drones improves safety by avoiding working at heights to inspect structures that would usually be performed by rope access or Elevated Work Platforms. We work with a range of organisations such as insurance assessors, local councils and construction companies providing safe options to perform high risk work.

Areas Drones can be used.

Building inspectors: Use drones to identify issues on roofs, building exteriors, and elevated towers without the need to spend hours walking or climbing a site. Collect better data, save valuable man hours, and reduce the need to send contractors into unsafe conditions.

Insurance inspectors: Use drone data as a way to streamline inspection claims by quickly and comprehensively assessing damage to property, homes, and commercial real estate.

Agriculture insurance: In the case of agricultural insurance, gather a complete picture of an entire field so that you can make the most accurate damage assessment.

What role do drones play in the commercial inspection industry?

  • Improve safety: Perform remote inspections to identify problem areas that need further attention. Reduce the amount of time crews spend on roofs, elevated towers, and other dangerous areas.
  • Enable complex simulations: Drone-generated 3D models aid with forensic inspections by providing a cost-effective way to reconstruct incidents.

Another great feature we have here at Drone Craft is the ability to generate a roof report. Roof inspection is dangerous and time-consuming work. But getting up in the air to take measurements by hand or assess damage has always been a part of doing business. With generating a roof report it removes the risks and saves valuable time. Click here to read more about it.